Enjoy Our Freshwater Paradise

Whether you’ll dip your toes into tranquil waters for some paddleboard yoga at sunrise on the Saginaw River, or go tall ship sailing under starry night skies on Lake Huron’s Saginaw Bay — this region flows with a cool, blue calm and all-but-infinite ways you can soak it in.

On guided boat tours and unspoiled beaches, sightseeing river cruises or wine sampling ones — even walleye fishing excursions — these freshwaters are a warm, inviting bath of goodness worth diving into!


Refreshing & cool, salt-free & scenic: the Great Lakes Bay is hands-down and all-in the place to be for affordable waterfront vacationing in Michigan!

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Inviting Waters + Unspoiled Beaches
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Boating + Sailing

You don’t need your own private yacht — a pontoon, a fishing boat, or even a kayak — to experience the full depth of beauty that’s out on these breathtaking freshwaters.

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These Great Lakes Bay beaches boast their own little salt- and shark-free version of paradise.

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Each dip of the paddle here brings the promise of endless, pristine freshwaters — and plenty of places to soak up all the cool, blue calm you can.

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Saginaw Bay Walleye Fishing

The Great Lakes Bay boasts one of the top walleye fisheries in Michigan, the Midwest, and well-beyond: Lake Huron’s Saginaw Bay.

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Lake Huron's Saginaw Bay

Curious why we’re called the Great Lakes Bay? This region’s rich with infinite freshwaters, and perfectly situated along a bay on one of five Great Lakes.

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Rivers + Lakes

Inland lakes, placid rivers, gentle streams: this region’s a roadmap of clear, cool freshwaters, and one that isn’t capped where the wide-open blue of Lake Huron’s Saginaw Bay washes onto beachfront.

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