Choose From These Curated Trails

It’s time to hit the trails — and we’re not talking tree-lined ones carved out through the wilderness. (Though, those are every bit worth exploring on your own here, too.)

We’re talking ale trails and wine trails. Art, architectural, and garden tours. Self-guided excursions, mapped out to show you the way — so you’ll spend less time wondering where the next adventure might take you, and more time out there following your wanderlust.

Go Great Self-Guided Tours
Go Great Gardens Tour

From lush botanical gardens that cover 110 acres in color to delicate Japanese ones revered as some of the most authentic in North America — these gardens in the Great Lakes Bay are unforgettable!

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Go Great Beer Tour

Summer’s juicy IPAs to sweater weather’s velvety porters and stouts: in any season, you'll find a trail of taps worth following in the Great Lakes Bay.

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Go Great Wine Tour

Want to sip on Sangiovese and pretend you’ve made it to a tiny hilltop town in Tuscany? Or split a bottle of Tempranillo that’ll take you to the tip of Spain? Pull up a seat; we’ll pour you a glass.

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